Heavy precipitation for parts of the Pacific Northwest

Heavy rain possible for the Pacific Northwest. Light lake effect snow downwind of the Great Lakes. Light snow over parts of Northern New England.

Forecast for Monday, November 20, 2017

A front extending from the Upper Mississippi Valley/Northern Plains northwestward into the Northern High Plains will move south and eastward to off the Eastern Seaboard and off the Gulf Coast States by Wednesday. Light snow will develop over parts of the Upper Great Lakes overnight Monday that will become rain and snow over the Lower Great Lakes/Ohio Valley by Tuesday evening. The rain and light snow will move to the Northeast overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

Meanwhile, upper-level energy over the Pacific Northwest will move southeastward to the Western Gulf Coast while weakening. The energy will aid in developing rain and higher elevation snow over parts of Pacific Northwest into the Northern Rockies that will move southeastward to the Central Rockies/Central Plains and dissipate by Tuesday evening. In addition, another area of upper-level energy over the Western Gulf Coast will move eastward to the Southeast by Tuesday evening then move northeastward out over the Western Atlantic by Wednesday aiding in the development of an area of low pressure off the North Carolina Coast overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. Showers and thunderstorms will develop over parts of the Southeast/Florida on Tuesday into Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday afternoon, rain and thunderstorms will move northward along the Southeast Coast into the Southern Mid-Atlantic overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. Rain will move into parts of the Northern Mid-Atlantic Coast on Wednesday.

Additionally, a plume of moisture streaming into Central California will move northward paralleling the coast into the Northwest Monday night into Wednesday. Rain will develop over parts of Northern California on Monday evening moving into the Northwest overnight Monday into Tuesday. The rain will move inland over the Pacific Northwest expanding into the Northern Intermountain Region/Northern Rockies Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. Overnight Monday into Tuesday the snow level rises over the Northwest into the Northern Rockies, limiting the amount of precipitation that will fall as snow.


Cities Populair locations in North America

Weather Maximum Minimum
Albuquerque 12.768°C 9.9°C
Austin 16.986°C 13.3°C
Baltimore 5.927999°C 4.6°C
Boston 4.218°C 3.3°C
Charlotte 10.602°C 7.9°C
Chicago 10.032°C 7.7°C
Columbus 3.99°C 2.8°C
Dallas 18.354°C 15.1°C
Denver 15.048°C 10.8°C
Detroit 7.182°C 5.4°C
El Paso 17.898°C 13.8°C
Fort Worth 15.39°C 12.6°C
Houston 20.634°C 17.2°C
Indianapolis 5.358°C 3.9°C
Jacksonville 21.888°C 19.1°C
Las Vegas 18.924°C 14.2°C
Weather Maximum Minimum
Los Angeles 25.65°C 21.3°C
Memphis 10.716°C 7.7°C
Milwaukee 10.26°C 8.2°C
Nashville 8.436°C 6.1°C
New York City 7.98°C 6.6°C
Oklahoma City 13.338°C 10°C
Philadelphia 8.664°C 7.1°C
Phoenix 26.448°C 21.2°C
Portland 13.794°C 10.2°C
San Antonio 17.556°C 13.7°C
San Diego 21.318°C 18.4°C
San Francisco 20.178°C 16.5°C
San Jose 22.116°C 16.9°C
Seattle 9.804°C 5.5°C
Tucson 27.018°C 21.6°C
Washington, D. C. 8.778°C 6.5°C